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Penny Kealey - Artist / Printmaker

BA Hons Fine Art., MFA University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Collage Lets Dance.jpg
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  • Lecturer in Art and Design (Further and Higher Education) in England and abroad (1977 – 2016)

  • Represented Further Education in Art and Design for NSEAD (National Society for Education in Art and Design)

  • Exhibitions both locally and nationally ongoing

  • Passionate about Art and Design both making it and collecting it (and whenever possible re-using it)

  • Regular hunter at car boots and antique fairs – if she loves it she has to have it even if there’s no room for it at home – cat now finding strange new places to sleep

  • Penny believes that the best of the human species lies in its culture – across time and planet – and that making links between its varied art forms is a better game to play than any ‘culture clash’ – Penny’s work often places seemingly disparate elements together to imply a new narrative – the history of art is the history of human thought?

Now concentrating on her own practice in Tigger's Stable at Calf House Studios

Occasional workshops including painting - oil/watercolour/miniature and individual projects. Click here for further information

Calf House Studios

For further details and workshop booking please email Penny at

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