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Two Day Workshop in Wood Engraving or Woodcut

Day One
AM: Image preparation and transfer to block
PM: Practice block and main block engraving

Day Two

AM: Completion of engraving / test print

PM: Print series, select and mount best print


  1. All tuition, materials & equipment provided

  2. Endless tea, coffee & juice on tap

  3. Bring large over-shirt to protect clothing

  4. Bring packed lunch (NB there is also a local shop that will make up a sandwich)

  5. Bring any image(s) that you might like to explore (NB the end grain boxwood blocks for engraving are maximum size of approx. 9 x 10 cm. Japanese ply for woodcut A5 or larger)

  6. Smaller shapes will be used to start with to practice the use of the gravers & gouges

  7. Wood engraving can accommodate very detailed imagery. Wood cut has its own bold striking style

For inspiration look at:

Thomas Bewick (late 18th century)
Chris Daunt (contemporary)
Hilary Paynter (contemporary)


Simon Brett: Wood Engraving – How To Do It
Anne Hayward: Wood Engraving and Lino Cutting
Jenny Pery: A Being More Intense
Jenny Uglow: Nature’s Engraver a life of Thomas Bewick



Chris Daunt

Supplier of fine quality English end grain wood engraving blocks

Intaglio Printmakers

Printmaking materials tools papers


Printmaking materials tools papers

Hawthorn Printmaker Supplies

Inks, rollers, presses

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