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test printed critters
waiting game print paint final
test print blocks
stillingfleet cats
sea critter merged with indian block
scythian belt
preliminary sketch 4
preliminary sketch 5
preliminary sketch 6
preliminary sketch 2
preliminary sketch 3
preliminary sketch 1
mermaid surprised print paint final
first cut mermaid
first cut dog
kilpeck grab
first critter designs
critters ready for test printing
critter blocks
critter zigzag tests
Ceremonial African Bird
chinese room print paint final
cats final print and paint
burton sea critter
all critters ready now
burton dog
burnby critter
burton mermaid
burton croc
burton croc 2
african cloth
misc woodcuts 18
african bird
storm over burton agnes
museum blue
trying to dry kilpeck in sun
sky completed final print burton agnes.jpg
shoowa mat.jpg
the majors museum burnby hall
printing kilpeck.jpg
old photo burton agnes
minstrels blue
minster minstrels beverley minster carvings
kilpeck finally dry
first print burton agnes
ceremonial bird.jpg
ceremonial bird completed.jpg
african textiles series.jpg
cabinet of curiosities burton constable
cabinets blue
african textiles series.jpg
Woodcut Engraving
Viking Woman Woodcut
The Majors Museum Burnby Hall
Minster Minstrels Beverley Minster Carvings
Cabinet of Curiosities Burton Constable
Cat 03
Cat 01
Cat 02
Mini Series Overlaid
Viking Bird
Viking Horse Head
Viking Horse
Viking Bird 02
What We Do For Fun Round Here Woodcut
Viking Woman Blue Woodcut
Viking Rolling Into Africa
Scary Cat Wood Engraving
New Cat In The Garden Woodcut
Mixed Bug Party
Indian Tiger Kill Wood Engraving
Hogarths Cat Wood Engraving
End Grain  Image
Egyptian Birds Wood Engraving
Coming In To Land Assyrian Garden Wood Engraving
Bug Party Wood Engraving 02
Bug Party Wood Engraving
African Textile
African Textile 05
African Totem Woodcut
Bowl Detail Woodcut
African Textile 03
African Bird Woodcut
African Textile 04
African Textile 02

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