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Tree Skeleton 01
Tree Skeleton 02
Tree Skeleton 03
Rain at Burton Agnes
Paper Out to Dry
Paper Out to Dry 02
Out to Dry
Out to Dry 02
Misty Crows at BA
More Crows Drying
Misty Crows 03
Misty Crows 02
Lizard Moths Trees
Lizard with Birds of Paradise
Maps Out to Dry
Lizard and Lace
Lizard and Lace Album
Leaf Stencils at Pitt Rivers Museum
Leaf Stencils 03
Leaf Stencils 02
Large Cyanotype Out to Dry
Fig Leaf Stencils
Lace Cloth Detail
Fave Press Headline - Dog Eats Couple's Wedding Cake
Encyclopaedia Moth Section
Durham Cathedral
Cyanotype Album
East Riding Crow
Cyanotype Album Detail
Cyanotype Album Detail 02
Crucified Crow
Cyanotype Album Detail 01
Crows Over Salisbury Map
Crows on Map Out to Dry
Crow Over Salisbury Plain
Crow Over Salisbury Plain 05
Crow Over Salisbury Plain 04
Crow Over Salisbury Plain 03
Crow Over Salisbury Plain 02
Cat Asleep on Piano
Assyrian Lion Hunt 04
Assyrian Lion Hunt 01
Assyrian Lion Hunt 02
Assyrian Lion Hunt 03

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